Troufes (Frozen Chocolate Truffles) for BloggerAid

Troufes are a Greek version of frozen chocolate truffles. They are a simple, sweet treat that can easily be made ahead and stored in the freezer to have on hand for any unexpected guests dropping by for an afternoon coffee/tea.

I remember devouring these little chocolate confections as a kid when a friend of the family would make them for every birthday or holiday gathering she hosted. So, I recently decided to try my hand at Troufes and came up with this quick recipe, a tad different from those I ate as a child, but no less scrumptious. Want this recipe? You’ll have to wait as I am quickly sending these over to Ivy of Kopiaste, Val of More than Burnt Toast and Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen who, with the help of a number of dedicated bloggers, are so valiantly working on publishing a cookbook for BloggerAid, a forum created to shed light on the issue of hunger around the world. All proceeds from the cookbook will be donated to specific programs of The World Food Programme (WFP), the United Nations frontline agency devoted to alleviating world hunger.

The cookbook is expected to begin selling on Amazon by November/December 2009. There is a great deal of work involved in delivering this project and the troops over at BloggerAid are relying on all of us to help in any way we can. The deadline to submit a recipe is tomorrow Feb. 12th!! If you haven’t already, please send an original dish you’d like to contribute over to Ivy, Val and Giz who are anxiously awaiting to include these yummy contributions in the BloggerAid cookbook.


~ by Kali Orexi on February 11, 2009.

8 Responses to “Troufes (Frozen Chocolate Truffles) for BloggerAid”

  1. Oh my goodness, these look like a wonderfully sumptuous addition to the cookbook. I can’t wait until it goes on sale!

  2. Wow, I always loved troufes. I can’t wait to see the recipe. I have good news for you and your readers. Don’t stress yourself to send it today, if you haven’t already, as new members are joining us day after day. Yesterday we had 5 new members, now reaching 104!!!!. Some of them have requested us to give an extension of the deadline so that they may have a chance to participate as well and since we do have a lot of time until the publishing of the book we have extended the deadline until the 31st of March. We shall announce this officially probably tomorrow.

  3. Aaaahhhhh I tried to grab those little beauties on my screen!!!! What a great recipe for BloggerAid and what great pictures, Maria!A delicious bite 😀

  4. Thes ARE good…I can see why you just popped them in your mouth. I wait patiently for the recipe.

  5. these really are simple to make – i never thought of making them until i saw some blog recipes featuring them with some spicy (not hot) pepper. i didn;t realise they kept int he deep freeze so well eitherthey really are delicious

  6. I can’t wait to see the recipe Maria…they look so scrumptious!

  7. Oooo waw these are devine. I am going to make these! Can link you to my blog?

  8. ooh i just made something similar to this and i just looove them. I haven’t made them in years, but it was such a treat doing so. I’m glad this is ur addition to the cookbook; it means I have to give them something Cuban, of course! 🙂

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